Our story

Our story began back in 2015 when change management consultants, psychologists, coaches and game developers from a consultancy firm named House of Performance in Utrecht were looking for a new way to drive organizational change and boost performance.

We started building a platform that was based on gamification, fun and with the employee as a starting point. We understood the importance of a scalable tool that could drive change in large multi-site companies without compromising on sustainable results.

After receiving a lot of interest from consultancy firms from all over the world, we decided it was time to make our platform available for all. That’s when we launched a startup by the name of TRIGGX.

We believe that gamification done the right way increases employee engagement, inspires motivation and is effective in transforming old habits into new desirable behavior.

Gamification is not about playing games, but about the people’s behavior you want to change.

Our mission

To help our clients implement change and boost performance with a digital solution that triggers real, powerful human emotions.

Our promise

We build an easy to personalize gamification platform for next generation change consultants who value the most important asset of a company: the people.

Our essence

We operate on impact, curiosity, innovation and change.

Our vibe

At TRIGGX we are passionate about our product. We see challenges not problems. Together with our partners we are constantly striving to improve.

Meet the team

Product Director

Maarten Holland

Frank de Soete Digital Change Master
Digital Change Master

Frank de Soeten

Alex Papagiannakis developer at TRIGGX

Alex Papagiannakis

Jody Pietersz commercial director at TRIGGX
Commercial Director

Jody Pietersz

angelique reijms partner success manager at triggx
Partner Success Manager

Angelique Reijm

Diana Ciuhuta developer at TRIGGX

Diana Ciuhuţă

Chief Technology Officer

Garry Turkington

Max Laane Game Designer at TRIGGX
Game Designer

Max Laane

Heiko van Eldijk TRIGGX
Business Development

Heiko van Eldijk