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Case: Global player in bakery ingredients

The global player in the bakery ingredients business has sales in about 100 countries with a focus on industrial and small and mid-sized bakeries. Together with their customers they explore the world of bakery. They constantly seek remarkable opportunities to embark on (local) consumer trends and demands to help their customers to create bakery success.

In this cooperative project, the Corporate Marketing Director was looking for an international, smart solution to boost performance of the bakery shops all over the world. An inventive way to inspire local craftmanship and to facilitate and support with better ways to manage and sell. The answer was found in TRIGGX, a unique learning platform that enables global enterprises to build their own custom, powerful change programs based on gamification. And together with House of Performance they build the “Bakeman Game.”

179% increase in customer sales revenue
From the participants, 88% experienced improved cooperation and more fun at work

“The ‘sales’ goals make it challenging and also actually worth added value for the store teams and the company.” – Corporate Director Marketing

Add value by helping to sell and manage

The global player in the bakery ingredients business strongly believes in empowering their customers through their knowledge and expertise. With the TRIGGX digital platform they could leverage gamification techniques to develop product and industry knowledge, to encourage cooperation and to boost customer satisfaction and sales.

The “Bakeman game” was exclusively designed for this project. A fully customized game application where competition and collaboration were in perfect balance to engage players and drive behavioral change. Perfectly resonating with the end users, the local bakery stores. And with this solution the Corporate Director Marketing and his team had the ability to motivate employees and manage their progress remotely.

The story of the game was built around Bill Bakeman, an imaginary player with a great ability to produce, but who could improve in managing his bakery shop and selling. In 10 challenges in 10 weeks local bakery stores were completing real-life cases in sales and management. A combination of learning and practising and cooperating with Bill Bakeman in running his store.

Key design pillars in the game:

  • Local bakery stores participate in one game, on a smartphone app
  • Each store forms a team, with one team leader
  • Together and against each other
  • Short interesting goals aimed to step out their comfort zone and experience new ways of selling and running their bakery store
  • Constant feedback loops
  • Have fun!
“The purpose of the game was explained very clearly. I also enjoyed helping Bill Bakeman run his store. It’s a fun story.” – Employee local bakery store

The gamification experience was perceived as very positive and resulted in to a great employee satisfaction: The experience in numbers:

  • 88% was having more fun at work
  • 84% experienced improved team performance
  • 88% experienced a better team cooperation

Accelerate sales revenue

Especially the sales challenges were a fantastic learning experience for players. Where employees tended to be reactive towards their customers, they were now asked to pro-actively show off their display counter, to describe their favorite product and to attract new customers in their store. They were having more conversations with their customers, creating a great customer experience and driving up sales revenue while having fun.

“It’s really nice to see how people respond to the counter. You tell them about the product and they often would buy it. – Employee local bakery store

In a sales target challenge, teams had to meet targets to sell a certain number of muffins in one week. Sales targets were set ambitious with 105% increase, but during the challenge they sold 179% more muffins!

The “sales” goals make it challenging and also actually worth added value for the store teams and the company.” – Corporate Director Marketing

Scale and accelerate all over the world

After a successful pilot at 11 local bakery stores, the game is now played by a total of 48 stores and 276 players. Next step is to implement the game for supermarkets who sell the bakery products in Brasil.

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