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Case: Synergy in engagement program increases energy and ownership at Dutch multinational banking and financial services company

A Dutch banking and financial services company was seeking a solution to get line-managers and the whole organisation engaged. They found the TRIGGX gamification platform to be the best fit to inspire people and take internal leadership to the next level.

“Great level of awareness has been developed on context by both teams and leaders.” – general feedback participants

Organizational change from individual perspective.

The Dutch banking and financial services company is committed to making the difference as a cooperative, customer-driven bank in The Netherlands and in Food & Agri around the world. They want to be a leading bank, with a focus among other things on excellent customer focus and empowered employees. An engaged organization is one of the most important elements of achieving such corporate ambitions.

Initially the bank was looking for an engagement program for operations to improve employee engagement and skills. Together with House of Performance the “Come Together Cup” was designed. A customized game focussed on the activation of operational teams, where teams can learn from each other (across domains), collaborate where possible and build together towards the same success.

But they acknowledged it is the cumulative impact of both successful employee as successful leader change that would result in an organizational change being successful. Therefore, completely in line with the engagement module for employees, House of Performance also designed an exclusive module for leaders: “Leadership Profile”. In here leaders are triggered to think about their individual leadership profile and how they look at their team and intervene on team dynamics.


increase on development themes by team members


increase on development themes by leaders

Hybrid solution designed around the bank’s pillars of happiness.

It is the bank’s mission to create the best possible context for their people to excel and continuously develop. They believe in empowering people through craftmanship, vitality and adaptability. There is a great focus on employee engagement as they strongly believe that happy people lead to happy customers. But the organisation is in transition. They are aware they are asking a lot of their employees in this process, while they are also decreasing the number of employees.

The “Come Together Cup” was invented to improve and accelerate employee engagement. To empower employees to represent the bank and to become inspired by their mission. It was designed on the bank’s three pillars of happiness and gamification techniques were applied to increase the intrinsic motivation. In different development themes the teams were assigned to work together on shared values and objectives, on how to create value for (internal) customers and challenged to take ownership and experiment on new desired behavior.

“It’s great to, together with your team, live through the strategy and mission of your company.” – feedback teams

For successful organizational change leaders also had to commit to change along their team members. They had to be challenged to (re-) think about their individual leadership profile, their role, their own (desired) behaviour and how to change or reinforce on desired behaviour of team members.

This was all incorporated in the leadership module, developed in similar format as the “Come Together Cup” with two dimensions of the bank’s leadership model:

  • Personal: a leader takes full responsibility for his or her actions, and develops through craftsmanship, vitality and adaptability.
  • Team: a leader creates, facilitates and inspires high performing teams and is focused on developing the team to get results.
“The mission on team values gave real insight into what we stand for.” – feedback leaders

The solution was built on the TRIGGX digital platform to have the ability to apply game-mechanics and to make the program effective and scalable. In addition, change management experts of House of Performance were involved in coaching and offline booster sessions. These energy sessions took place prior to the kick-off of new missions to inform and motivate leaders and team members on goals, coaching, reflection and feedback moments. Also, a team of jury members – employees of the bank – were advised how to judge the team results.

Powerful concept results in great progress in health and ownership.

The concept was built with the vision that employee engagement will only excel when both leaders as employees have a clear goal and understanding what they are contributing to. As expected leaders played a central role. They could convey tailored information, most relevant to their day to day business and work with their teams on actual implementation. This fostered a high level of energy and strong ownership as both leaders as team members created their own destiny and took responsibility for making the intended changes work. Also asking team members for input and feedback made them feel like valued and useful contributors. And finally, it also surfaced team qualities that leaders otherwise might never had identified.

“By observing teams during the game, non-visible qualities within the team suddenly appear.” – feedback leaders

Great progress across all development themes:

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