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Case: International Banking Company

Initiator of the project was the Sales Manager Assets at the banking company. Her product portfolio includes different capital solutions for private equity and is perceived as key offering to retain existing customers.

Before using TRIGGX gamified platform clients were however insufficiently advised on their assets for later. To better meet current and future client requirements, the sales manager and the team at the bank realized they needed a better way to coach and engage the Financial Advisory team.

The company believes in empowering people through craftmanship, vitality and adaptability. What better way to connect the team then on TRIGGX gamified platform which activates employees’ ability to change their behavior and strengthen their energy. Together with House of Performance, they created the Wealth Cup.

“Working with House of Performance is creating and doing together. Being open to and making use of each other’s expertise therefore results in achieving the best result. With a lot of energy and space for fun and celebration.” – Sales Manager Assets

Excel in sales and customer services

In cooperation with the Sales Manager Assets we designed the Wealth Cup: a fully customised change program in the online TRIGGX platform. The platform is designed by change consultants, psychologists, coaches and game developers with more than 10 years of experience. It enables to personalise the development program and even more important including real, relevant content to optimally engage users and drive permanent improvement.

Play with and learn from each other, in your own environment and have fun!

In the Wealth Cup, the competition element was used as a driver of new behavior. Key design pillars applied are:

  • 5 Constructive missions with an analogy with sport
  • Booster sessions at the local offices as kickstart of the missions
  • Both on- and offline elements
  • Leadership framework involved as supporter and juror
  • Control group for benchmarking the impact

The Wealth Cup made a very positive impact on people and business. The teams participating in the Wealth Cup built sufficient knowledge and skills on the capital solutions available and became comfortable in discussing these with their clients.

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